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    How to properly use Unilance

    Find here all details about how to get started on Unilance

    Our help

    Test system

    Unilance launched an innovative online platform that assesses candidates, in order to determine their exact level in different languages.

    Brief system

    Our Smartbrief ® unique system does it all: Chosen candidates receive an automated message defining your business details.

    What missions can be done on Unilance ?

    Any project a freelancer can tackle from a computer can be submitted via Unilance. Whether it involves translation or web programing, with a guaranteed quality.

    Short term / Ongoing

    Large / Small sized

    Any of the wide range of subjects, meeting your deadlines.

    How do I hire the right freelancer ?

    Step 1 : Write a detailed offer, and give description with rigor.

    Step 2 : Unilancers will submit a bid to your proposition, stating the estimated time needed to tackle this task.

    Once the offer is posted, you’ll receive applications from young talented professionals

    How do payments work ?

    Pay your freelancer per hour or per project.

    For hourly projects, the freelancer bills you once a week, and we’ll send a secure payment to your freelancer once the job is approved.
    For fixed-price projects, we’ll release funds to your freelancer once you have approved the work.

    To operate, Unilance charges a digressive commission on each mission, based on the total amount.

    How do I make my project a success ?

    Step 1 : Describe the job post with as much details as you can.

    Step 2 : Once you get the preselected candidates, you should pay attention to the freelancer’s details and if he/she has already undertaken such a task.

    Step 3 : After your have chosen the Unilancer, make sure to communicate as often as you can with him, providing him with defined objectives.

    What guarantees the success of the mission ?

    Payment Protection. You decide whether to approve the task done, or report an issue.

    Either the job was done professionally , however you were not satisfied enough pay on average 30% of the total rate.

    If not, such as a delayed work,  the Unilancer gets a warning (expelled after 2 warnings), and we will discuss further details.

    Dispute Resolution. Our professionals are always available to assist you and find the best solutions.


    Average project cost

    90 MIN

    Average time to first quote

    3+ Days

    Average project duration

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