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    How it works

    Unilance links you up with companies across the world

    See how much you can earn !

    How many hours do you want to work this week … and on what ?


    To start applying, you’ll need:

    • To be a student or young graduate since less than 2 years
    • To fill your Unilance profile
    • To provide your sole trader number

    Work on project that will impact your career

    • Strategic projects : Based on your profile, we’ll highlight ideal jobs. You can also search projects, and respond to client invitations.
    • Feedback : The most successful you are, the higher are your chances to get hired.
    • What projects can I find on Unilance ? Companies seek a wide variety of profiles: Sign up to discover missions in your field.

    Get hired quickly !

    • Smart hiring : Unilance’s advanced database highlights projects you’re a great fit for.
    • An outstanding profile helps : Highlight your professional skills, education, portfolio, and online skills test results.
    • A compelling proposal : Be strategic with a well-written and error-free profile page.

    Easy to work

    • Share feedbacks in real time : Use the integrated message system to communicate with clients.
    • Send and receive documents : Exchange information directly on Unilance.
    • How do I manage my work on Unilance ? Share with the company an exclusive workspace to collaborate.

    What about the payment ?

    • Payments go through Unilance : Count on a simple and streamlined process.
    • Multiple payment options : Choose a payment method that works best for you.
    • How will I get paid by my clients ?
      Receive funds via whatever payment methods work best for you:

      • Bank transfer
      • PayPal
      • Stripe

    The independant contractor status

    To work on Unilance, you are required a specific professional status.

    • Unilance will help you thanks to a partnership that can walk you through the creation of this status.

    This status is mandatory and it is not in contradiction with your current student or professional status. You can combine both!

    See more about this status

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